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How to ruin someone’s marriage

How to ruin someone's marriage

How to ruin someone’s marriage is most desperately question asked by people who are willing to have revenge from their enemy? Because marriage is one of the most beautiful paths of life for everyone. There could be nothing much happiest moment better than this. As well as, when it comes to taking revenge from someone. Then analogous to ruining someone’s happiness there is nothing which could give happiness. Furthermore, another problem which occurs is specifically how to ruin a relationship without getting caught. Because you will never like to be caught while doing something evil intention. So, how to ruin other people’s relationship, you will better to know in this article.

How to ruin someone’s marriage – to ruin a relationship without getting caught

In order, if you are desperately willing to know how to ruin someone’s marriage. When it is midnight, you have to wake up from your bed and go to a quiet room. Where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.

  • Light a candle.
  • Then, tie nine separate knots one inch apart.
  • You need a dark colored yarn to tie these knots.
  • Make sure the yarn is at least 12 inches long.
  • Make sure you do it with all the vengeance and anger that you have in your heart.
  • Put all the energies that you have in each of the knots.
  • Visualize them fighting or arguing with each other.
  • After you are done tying the knots, you have to get into a chanting mood. Say this:
  • Powerful spell to break-up a couple

He jahnum ke devta na rhne dehi dushmaan dampati swaroop je khushi paahi tahi chin jahi te hojaye palat jahee sambandh swaroop.

  • Once you have said these words with, place the yarn in your drawer.
  • Whenever you open your drawer, you should see this yarn and visualize the ‘couple’ breaking up.
  • Make sure you see them fighting or arguing without any reason at all.
  • If there is a specific way in which you want them to break up, you can imagine that too.
  • The more you visualize, the easier it becomes for you to cast this spell on the couple.
  • Once the spell has worked and you have been informed about the couple’s breakup, you can throw the yarn away and pat your back all by yourself!

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How to ruin other people’s relationship to ruin someone’s marriage?

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