Enemy problem

Mantra to protect family from enemies

Mantra to protect family from enemies

Do you feel that you have some random enemies in your life who can also harm your family? Then mantra to protect family from enemies will work for you. Because an enemy can attack its victim in any way. Whatever does it satisfy the intention of them? So if your enemy can dynamically do a lot of things to harm you. Then the better it would be for you to get in touch with our specialist. Because only some mantra for winning enemies can help you enough to providing triumph over your enemy. For instance that mantras consist of some of the supreme powers which work significantly. In which vedic mantras to destroy enemies are prominent. So if you are also looking for some mantra to stop enemy from harming you. Then you will be helped right over here.

Mantra to shut mouth of enemy to protect family from enemies        

An enemy can ruin your life completely by putting some obstacles in the path of your life.  Either if you are looking for some way where it could come to your life. The first mantra I’ll share is a Durga Gayatri mantra for overcoming obstacles and enemies. This mantra to protect family from enemies removes suffering from your life.

Goddess Durga is the Hindu mother of the universe and is infinitely loving to all her children. It is said that without the blessing of the Goddess Durga, nothing can be achieved in life. This mantra will grant Durga’s blessings.

How to do this mantra to shut mouth of enemy;
Sit in front of a Durga statue at sunrise and recite the following mantra.

The Mantra Is:

”Aum Mahaa-Dhevyai Cha Vidmahe

Durgaayai Cha Dhimahee

Thanno Dhevee Prachodayath.”

Translation of the mantra to shut mouth of enemy:

”Om, Let me meditate on the goddess who is daughter of Kathyayana ,

Oh, maiden Goddess, give me higher intellect ,

And let Goddess Durga illuminate my mind.”

Mantra for protection from negative energy to protect family from enemies

  • Here is one of the most Powerful mantra for protection from negative energy. This is a Stambhan mantra used to protect yourself from your enemies causing harm to you or your family. The literal meaning of Stambhan is to stop someone in his tracks.
  • This is a unique Protection Mantra to preempt any harm coming your way.
    The Siddhi [mastery] of this mantra for protection from negative energy has to be commenced on a Saturday and within a period of 7 days. The mantras have to be recited in 1001. Whenever you feel you or your family is in danger you can recite this mantra. Taking the name of the person or persons you feel are trying to harm you.
  • Mantra to protect family from enemies

Alak alak dushmanke muhame
Kulak mere haath Ku-piruk tere kar
Dushman mere kar ll

अलक अलक दुश्मनके मुंहमें कुलक मेरे हाथ
कु-पीरुफ़ तेरे कर दुश्मन मेरे कर ll

Mantra to protect family from enemies (for protection from black magic)

Do you want to take the benefits of Mantra to protect family from enemies? So that you could always feel free from your enemies. Then the better it would be for you to get in touch with our specialist. Furthermore, when someone once got enemy in their life. Then a fear from the side of their enemy stood to remain in their mind. They know well that their enemy can harm them anytime. If not to them then to their family as well. So if you are also getting stuck in a similar situation. Where you fear that your enemy can also harm your enemy in any way. Not physically but with some negative energy as well. Don’t worry just have the use of mantra for protection from black magic. Simultaneously, to get the rid of your enemy completely.

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