Enemy problem

Simple remedies for enemies

Simple remedies for enemies

Have you ever think about some simple remedies for enemies? For some purposes that could provide you reprisal from your enemy. Then now you have a need to think about it. Because the solution for it has remained very easy which are present in terms of tone totke for enemy. While if you think that lal kitab remedies for enemies in Hindi will do work for you and you will get rid of your enemy. Then you could be wrong because the genuine astrological remedies to get rid of enemies should be only ascertained in use. When you have taken the supervision of a specialist. Because with the supervision of an expert in
How to control enemy by vashikaran black magic to run functionally. 

Powerful totka to destroy enemy- simple remedies for enemies

For the simple remedies for enemies, wear beads made from roots of the shammi tree in a red or black thread. You should wear it around your neck either on a saturday or monday. This method must be done at night:

  • You need a bead made from turmeric.
  • You should sit facing in the east direction.
  • Wear yellow garments and sit on a yellow mat.

Chant “auma hraeema” for 108 times continuously.

Perform the procedure of this powerful totka to destroy enemy frequently and eventually  on your enemy. So that leave from your life. This remedy is employed once you suddenly notice that you just have several enemies:

  • You need a small amount of iron,1.25 meters of black cloth, 1.25 kg of sesame seeds, oil and urad dal.
  • Make small potlis separately for each item.

You need to rotate all the packages around your head while chanting the following mantra:
“auma sahuma shataroo vinaashaaya naamaha.”

  • Then offer this potlis to Lord Shani.
  • You may do that methodology on any day of the week and you’ll repeat this powerful totka to destroy enemy as persistently as you want.

Simple remedies for enemies as a genuine totka for enemy destroy in hindi 

Has your enemy crossed the line in trying to destroy your life? If yes, then you can try astrological totka for enemy destroy in Hindi that helps you destroy your enemy’s life. You can use these when you want to take revenge on them. Some astrological remedies to destroy enemies are as below:

  • You should go to a Hanuman Mandir and then you should burn 2 cloves in front of a hanuman ji.
  • Then recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Which is a part of this totka for enemy destroy in Hindi? Then put the ashes of the cloves as tilak.
  • You can try the following method to control your enemies so that they can no longer harm you:
  • You should start on an auspicious day.
  • In front of lord hanuman’s picture, offer fresh flowers and light incense13.
  • Then light a Diya with ghee and pray to Lord Hanuman.
  • Now chant the following mantra for 5 malas using a hakheekh mala:
    “aaum purv kaapimukhaaaay paanchmukh haanumaathe taamm taamm taamm taamm taamm saakaal shaatru saanhaaaarnaaaay swaahaah.”
  • Perform these simple remedies for enemies for 3 Tuesdays consecutively.
    After the 3 Tuesdays sadhana, you should offer full meals and gifts to young boys.

Simple remedies for enemies-totka for getting rid of enemies faster

No one can provide you rid from your enemies as much faster as you think. Because there are a lot of complications present in it. For instance, even if you will try to make the use of some simple remedies for enemies then you can also get back pay for it. So, if you don’t want to get stuck in troubles. Then the better it would be for you to get in touch with our specialist. Thus to get free from your enemy for always.

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